Tungalagtuya Bayaraa

(Manager / ACCA affiliate / CPA, KPMG Mongolia Audit LLC )

“I am really proud of my profession as accountancy. It opens the number of opportunities you may encounter in your career. Without an ACCA qualification, as well as the personnel educations obtained from UFE PSIAF, I would not be where I am today. ACCA is a world-recognized professional association, which not only equips me with finance and accounting knowledge, but also inspires me to seek out different challenges and have given me the confidence needed when I meet with different people in the business world.”

Amarsaikhan Baatarsaikhan

(CMO, Oyutolgoi LLC)

“My goals in international management, finance have given me an edge since taking the ACCA course at UFE PSIAF. The PSIAF lecturers were professional and understanding. What I really appreciated was their out of lesson mentoring, something they don’t have to do but are willing.”

Ujin Amgalan

(ACCA, Senior Auditor, Ernst & Young Mongolia Audit LLC )

“I’ve studied for all my ACCA exams at UFE-PSIAF and have found the courses very beneficial. The lecturers were very helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subjects, which made learning easier. Choosing ACCA was one of the best career decisions I made. I would highly recommend it to anyone with an ambition to work in finance.”

Oyungoo Chagnaadorj

(ACCA affiliate Consultant, PWC Mongolia LLC )

“Experienced lecturers, efficient course schedules- that’s how I would describe the UFE ACCA Programme. Working in small study groups, networking with fellow students, and enjoying personal contact with lecturers all serve to enrich the programme. This goes above and beyond the skills required by the consulting industries. ”

Tuvshinbayar Surenkhorloo

(ACCA affiliate, CGMA, CPA, MBA)

Student made lecturer at PSIAF
“Joining PSIAF to pursue ACCA, the globally recognized professional qualification with no accounting background whatsoever was one of the most challenging footsteps I took in my life as soon as I completed my papers. Despite the challenges I faced, I was able to successfully complete CAT, ACCA and the B.Sc. in Applied Accounting of Oxford Brooks University within a short period of 4 years. PSIAF also gave me this excellent opportunity to lecture at the Institute where I was groomed, to educate the future generation and I enjoy each and every moment lecturing and being part of the PSIAF. ”

Prize Winners

Jargalmaa Altangerel

Winner of paper F7, 1st Singapore, 2nd Worlwide

“Through hard work and commitment achieving great results is just a matter of time. I consider myself very lucky to have chosen UFE-PSIAF to pursue my ACCA. The staff and lecturers are really friendly and caring”

Tulga Bat-Erdene

Winner of paper P4, 3rd Singapore, 14th Worldwide

“When people hear that I am an ACCA Prize Winner, they are amazed and say “Wow, how did you do it?” The answer to that is pretty simple. I haven’t done anything extraordinary, I listened well during my class. I believe that the key to success is to retain as much information when it is first given to you, so my only tip is to concentrate, participate, take notes and revise! ”

Tuguldur Erdenebayar

FIA Top scorer, C-122

“ACCA for me is a great challenge and a great pleasure at the same time. While the main challenge is to combine effective studies with enormous workload at a "Big 4" company, the feeling I get after another session brings deep satisfaction and excitement. I believe that investment of time and effort into the ACCA Qualification pays back almost immediately after accomplishment, not only in terms of salary increase but also in terms of vast career opportunities and exciting process of becoming a great professional itself. I wish everyone success on their way to ACCA membership!”